Christian country music Ministry Lone Highway has one primary objective…”To be on the straight an narrow road that the Lord Jesus Christ has drawn us,  And to compel others to come along.”

The name Lone Highway was chosen by the members in their belief there is One Road…a Straight and Narrow Road, that leads unto true personal freedom and eternal life. And that road was made available through the Cross of Jesus Christ. The music performed by the members reflects this sentiment..

The Ministry was founded in 2015 and is comprised of seasoned musicians and is based out of the great city of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Their musical influences range widely between Pop, Country and Gospel, but make no mistake…they are all about Jesus. Their combination of influences culminates into a modern pop-country sound with tight country vocal harmonies, creating an up-beat positive style unique to the group. "We hope our music, and more importantly the message, will inspire others to the journey down the Lone Highway."

The group’s repertoire is comprised of predominately original material, written, orchestrated and performed by the group. Their music ranges from high energy songs to heart touching ballads aimed to take audiences through an thought provoking and emotional experience.